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Classes Offered:

Classes Offered: Service

Discover Dance

Discover Dance is an introductory class for ages 2 & 3! This class will explore multiple styles of dance and focus on learning  through developmentally appropriate movements. 

Mini/Petite Dance Classes

Our Mini/Petite Dance Classes are designed for ages 4-7! We offer several options for these dancers such as Jazz/Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop and Tap. This is a great age to explore different styles and see what your dancer really enjoys! 


Ballet is the foundation of all styles of dance. It originated 400 years ago and has laid the foundation for almost all dance technique. We strive to stay true to the foundations while embracing the ever changing world of ballet. Our students learn to move with strength, grace, and confidence in a fun and caring environment.


Jazz is one of the most popular styles of dance! It combines a ballet foundation with energetic and fun movements!


Tap dance is a favorite among our students! Dancers work on making clean tap sounds and gain knowledge working to find the beat/rhythm of the music. Tap helps students with their timing across all styles of dance!

Leaps & Turns

Our leaps & turns classes are focused on perfecting technique for the serious dancer.


Lyrical is a cross between ballet and jazz that focuses on emotional expression through the art of dance. This class is a favorite among students!


Contemporary dance is a combination of other genres that focuses on modern movements and self expression.

Hip Hop

Hip hop is a high energy class full of self expression and fun!


This class is all about the tricks! Strong focus on flexibility and gymnastics tricks!

i2m Competition Team

For those dancers that are looking for a little bit more, we offer a chance to perform throughout the year! Our competition team travels regionally to compete their routines and have the opportunity to go to nationals at the end of the year!

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